Welcome to Sagastrand, an exotic pearl in the Philippines

This idyllic beach resort in European-Philippine style, with a 75 metre white beach is located in the village Bas Daku, on Olango Island, a small island just outside Cebu and is a perfect place to stay during your vacation. We also have nice modern facilities for parties and business conferences. The resort has its own restaurant with Philippine and international cuisine.

We opened summer 2011 and you can rent either a house, an apartment or a room with a very nice view towards the garden, the sea and Cebu.

The newest trend in vacations is now experience rather than relaxation. In Sagastrand, we can offer both. You can spend your time in Sagastrand and use the nice garden facilities for both activities and relaxation, or you can explore Olango Island or the nearest islets, dive or take a city tour among others.

The daily life on Olango Island has not changed significantly the last few generations. The possibility to be familiar with some of the locals, and see how they live is an educational experience you seldom have the opportunity to in most tourist places. We therefore encourage our guests to take a walk in the village. Backpackers also love the place, where they can mingle with the locals and learn more about the local culture.

From the resort, there is a 10 min walk to the famous Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary, a well-known Birdwatching and Eco-Tourism Destination. In addition, the nearest fish sanctuary is just outside our beach.

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